Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Great way to spend a Weekend

Fast re-cap from this week... Wente Road Race 45+... 3 laps... 4 times up the "Climb" Kinda funny that everyone calls it the "CLIMB"... By most standards it's not really a big climb. There are certainly climbs that are way harder! I guess what makes it so brutal is simply the speed that you have to go up it to stay with the lead riders. As I attempted to stay in contact with the main group, the only thing I could hope is that the front guys were hurting as much as those of us that were at the back! First time up came at 16/17 mph... The next two times up the pace had slowed some, but not by much. Third time up I finally could not stay in touch with the lead group and slowly fell off the back. I have always said there has to be some benefits to being off the back in that you now go into chase mode. Some guys would sit up and call it quits! Not me... Chase to the very end... It's just the way I roll! 81 guys... Finished 39th... I'm kinda Ok with that... Better next year.
Sunday brought a recovery ride with Alan and Jan. We met in Winters for a slow easy spin around Cantelow. When we got back to Winters it was just too nice of a day to call it quits. So
I decided to do another lap. Top of Cantelow I ran into Dan P. and John. We rode back to Winters, and they to Davis. I stopped at Wheelworks on the way home, and as I came out of the store I saw Dan and John having a nice cold recovery drink at the 33rd St Bistro.
They had the Collegiate Races going on so we decided that sitting on the balcony with a couple of cold ones, and watching some great Bike Racing would be a great way to spend the afternoon. What we got was an awesome display of Aggie power. With wins coming both from the women's A's and the men's A's racing Teams.

Ciao and Out...

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Day of the HardMen... Not!

Well this weekend didn't go quite as planned... Finally a Saturday/Sunday without a Race on the schedule. Saturdays Race Ride I could ride hard and not worry about the next day. There had been smack talk flying around about how the Race Ride has gotten soft.... SOFT? Talk about the "Good Old Days"... Why is it always about the good old days? Talk about how Steve Larsen use to make the Race Ride Hard... Well Duh! Steve, would go to the front and not back down. Wasn't to concerned about someone coming around him and taking a pull. It just became your job to hang on if you could. Yeah! The Good Old Days... Anyway back to my bad day... We were on the rollers on English Colony, and I thought it would be a good time to go. Well as I powered up the first roller I heard a loud pop! Didn't at the time think much of it so I charged on. As we neared Cantelow we had a small gap on the chasing group. That's when I looked down and saw I had broken a front spoke! Crap! Day over... Done. So I pulled up and stopped. The wheel had a good wobble to it, but not enough to stop me from getting home. So I just turned around, and rode back to Davis. Earlier you had heard me mention about the complaint that the ride had gotten SOFT! Well we had decided to add the last sprint of the Tues/Thurs night ride to the end of the Saturday ride. So thinking this would be cool to see the finish of this new addition. I rode over to the end of Old Davis road to watch the HardMen come in. Well as they came into sight, and to my surprise the Hardmen consisted of Rich and Liz... Chris B... and David H. ???? I guess we'll need to work on Harding up the rest of the group!

Ciao and Out...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fast Up-Date

Whew!.... What can I say... Seems to go that way. I need to post to the blog, but hey... Later.

The last time I smacked the keys was just after Land Park and Zamora. Since then I've added Warnerville (Call it Windyville!), and Copperopolis. Wanerville was an new to the calender this
year. I had decided to give it a shot. In print it sounded good... Relatively flat, and a one plus mile of gravel... Hmmm I said... That could be different! Well just to keep this story short, I think this is one that is going to get more popular as time goes on. Copper... What can you say about Copper! I've written a few RaceReports over the years about this one. Not much changes... I still suck! It is just a little too steep for me to hang with the climbers. This year the road seems to have gotten a little worse. Good things about this year... I finished again, my Teammate finished 2nd, and Levi was DQ'd... Can't get much better than that. Copper is just one of those Races that you have do do at least once. After your first you might say never again, but for some strange reason you seem to keep coming back!

Ciao and Out!...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I thought I had it all figured out! Guess Not!

Lets keep it local! Land Park and Zamora! Another two day Race weekend! If I had to choose I like the Crit first, and the Road Race second... No maybe it's the other way around! No quite sure... Oh Well! Whatever... Saturday was the day that the weather was suppose to be in our favor... Rain but not really... We have lucked out this year with the weather holding off on the Days that we are suppose to Race! Given that there are still parts of the country that are covered with Snow... I ain't Bitch'n!... Land Park 45+ ... Kevin Metcalf, and Safeway (Greg B.) and VOS! DBC... Me... John... Nelson... and Kevin Mc (55+) on the line. After a Collar Bone and a Separated Shoulder I have to admit I still am playing the head game thing. I seem to be sitting at the back for most of the Race (I know bad), and in the closing laps pulling myself up to the front to see what happens. This crit had some predictability to it in that Safeway would be setting up Greg for the sprint, and Kevin M. would try to ride off the front of the group! Kevin does not like to mix it up in the sprints! So as predicted Kevin rolls off the front, and Safeway starts to set Greg up for the sprint! 3 laps to go and I pulled myself to the front to try and set John up for a top ten finish! John had been doing a good job of keeping himself up front for most of the Race. Things didn't quite go as planned, and John held on for 11th... Kevin off the front for the win... Greg winner of the Field sprint! I hate when you call it, and do nothing about it! Oh Well that Racing!... Up next Zamora.
The threat of rain had me nervous, in that no one likes Racing when it's pouring! Well to wake up to clear skies, and no rain. Sunday Morning was a real treat! I picked John up early AM who had not gotten any sleep the night before (Helping his son's broken car). None the less we were on our way to Zamora for an early AM start. Our Race was going off at 8:10... We did have winds, but thank goodness the rain held off. Now I have a general rule of thumb! Don't go with first break! Heard it from someone somewhere... Again none the less it was something I heard! Well first turn into the head wind, and riders attacked! Splits started to happen, and I guess thank goodness John read it right and went with a break... Well you know what happen next! Don't you? No one chased! The breakaway slowly started to ride away from us, which now creates another scenario... We (DBC) now have to just sit in, and not help to bring the break back! Makes for a boring race in that you fall victim to the actions of the others. Which decided that chasing was not in the play book. As the group on each lap came up to the base of the KOM, I would put myself up at the front....... Good/Bad?Hmmmmmm! Well I wasn't going to ramp it up so I just kept the pace at one that I thought was not gaining any ground on John. Everyone seemed happy just to sit in as we went up the climb, and as we turned into the headwind towards and pass the Start/Finish line. Once we turned back onto the Frontage Rd. Safeway ????????? Who had a guy off the front decided to give chase... Well after my time at he front it was enough that I finally had to scream uncle! Pop Pop Pop... We had seen it all day as we had passed riders that were in a similar boat. Once I somewhat recovered I gave chase, and by the time I hit the base of the KOM we almost had the group... Down side it was the last lap, and the attacks up the KOM were hot and heavy since there was still a chance to place in the top ten. So I was pretty much left to finish at the back of the group... Oh Well! John held on for 5th! Pretty Good you'd think... Kinda funny that he was beating himself up for letting his 2 breakaway partners beat him in the sprint! I guess that is a good thing in that it adds to your learning experience. Anyway all in all a good weekend. We had two good days of Racing with good finishes, and still lots of Racing to go!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Never be Late for Dinner!

So we were told we would be fighting daylight on the Tues/Thurs race ride. Don't be late!... Word of advise... Don't show up at 5:32! Myself, Jane, and Nils roll up to an empty parking lot. We figured we had three of us, an they couldn't be that far ahead.
So we decide to chase... Now the bad thing about chasing is that your legs haven't really warmed up! So going to 300+ watts starts to hurt in like 30 seconds. HTFU! We can see them off in the distance, and we catch and pass recumbent Frank... He confirms their just ahead. Wouldn't you know it we would choose the night they decide to ramp it up right out of the gate. as we chase down 29 we are slowly rolling past people already being spit off the back! WOW What the frick! Let me tell you there's nothing like 25mph and not gaining any ground.
To make a long story of suffering short, we finally caught them at Winters. Once back in the group I think it's time to sit at the back and recover... Not the wife! She's rolls up the front of the group deciding to mix it up with the boys! Second sprint rolls as normal... Attacks, drop off... Attacks, drop off.... I give it one big pull to try and catch Switters and Phil. Can't quite do it... I drop off and fall to the back. Second sprint ends... Not sure who won... Off for leg 3 of the night. We normally roll easy down Stevenson Bridge but for some reason slow came at 25/27 mph... Zzzeeeee's this is getting a little out of control. We make the turn onto Old Davis, and everyone is trying to position themselves for the final sprint... Speed increases... Pack is getting tight... Attack... Counter... Attack... Counter... Speed increasing! Pack about to explode with sprints!
GO... Someone GO!... Now! Now! Now!... WHAT THE! Ding Ding Ding Ding! What a Train? Crap! Nothing like getting shut down in a heartbeat... We are all laughing... All claiming victory. Rail arms go up... Cody attacks... 300 meters out front! Just to keep the kid in line, and his head in check... Switters runs him down and takes the sprint! This was my first Race Ride of 2009... Just had to say it's good to be back... Just make sure your on TIME!


Monday, March 16, 2009

WeekEnd in Paradise

So my weekend went like this... Upside things... Start time for my first Race was at 12:45 Saturday. Upside thing... Able to leave at 7:00 Saturday. Good thing... Got to Madera with
plenty of time to spare. First event the Crit! Went to registration, and met with John and Nelson.

My riding partners for the weekend... 45+. Got my number Left side... Right Side... Left side. Yo Yo musical numbers... I look left, and who's signing up for the 45+ Bubba M. Well that just up'd the ante for the weekend. Bubba likes to hurt people... You know rip their legs off kind of hurt! Watch'z ya gonna do? HTFU! First event the Crit... Normal roundy round ride'n... Few attempts to get off the front early by a few riders... Nothing sticking... 8 mins gone by... 40 min Race... Lot'za time... 20 min in, and another break... Bubba! Not good but still early. Lapping the 55+ for the first time... Why does this always happen right when you are coming into a corner? Bubba and another rider still off the front, don't seem to be closing... Fast forward final 3 laps... Up to the front I go. 2 laps sitting about 5th wheel good but not great. To far forward sometimes is not a good thing especially if no one is setting a real fast pace. Sure enough BELL LAP! Fighting to stay near the front! One corner down three to go! Next corner still good... Stegall comes flying up along my right side... Yelling grab my wheel! Hesitate (Stupid) for a moment... Problem #2... We are about to lap the 55+ for a second time... Problem #3 we are all heading for turn 3 at full speed! Now last time I had someone tell me about Physics... IS... That two solid objects cannot occupy the same place at the same time... This is not a good scenario un-folding in front of us! We're all SCREAMING LEFT LEFT! Brakes coming on! Through the corner... Lost John's wheel... We're into the last corner everyone one going full gas! Sprints are on! We never caught Bubba, and I finished where I needed to be two corners ago... On John's wheel! That Sucks... I hate making stupid moves! One down two to go...
Up next the Time Trail... Report goes as follows....

Fu#&'n Bee!
?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????THIS SUCKS!
Up next the ROAD RACE! This was an early one... AM start... Good and Bad... Bad up at 5am. Good... Done early. Met John at his hotel for Breakfast... Hmmmm Pancakes and eggs... Looks good John! Hmmmm, I'll have some Oatmeal. We down our breakfast, and we're off. Get to the Race with plenty of time... For what ever stupid reason I just don't stress about warming up for a Road Race (especially the flat ones). We roll out neutral for about a mile... Left hander onto the course. Had I mentioned Bubba before! Swoosh 35 mph in an instant... Git in, shut up, hold on. We motor along for the first lap... Few attempts at a break, but nothing sticking. First laps are always a gamble for a break... Too many guys with fresh legs willing to chase things down. Second lap we roll by the feed... Tempo still high. As we make the right hand turn back onto the main road I see a group start to roll off the front... Looks like about 6 guys, and guess what! All the main Teams were represented... Not Good! There still close enough to bridge... Off I go... Up the left, on the line coming up on a slower rider... Move left a little... You know what I would call a "Center Line Fudge" about in my book 3 to 5 lines, just enough to get around one guy! I'm clear and starting to bridge... Then that familiar sound of a MotorCycle... Then comes the look, and the FINGER POINT! Back to the back DAVIS! Crap... Guilty! What could I say. Caught with my hand in the Cookie Jar! Had I mentioned before I hate doing stupid things.Drift to the back, take a few minutes to recover. By now the breakaway had open a gap that would be to hard to jump across by myself. So up to the front I went, and began to chase!
The bad part about this whole deal was that the power in the Peleton had guys in the break!
Any Help? NOT!... Soon Nelson and John came up to try and help. We kept the pace high, and began the slow process of trying to pull the break back. VOS had put a guy near the front (great tactics) he wouldn't pull, and did not try to interrupt the chase (very professional), he was always willing to let us back in line. This Cat and Mouse game went on for the last lap and a half.
We were able to bring the gap down, and finally a couple other smaller Teams came up and, started to help with the chase. As we came on to the rollers, I gave it one more effort hoping John and Nelson could stay near the front. Might still be able to pull a top 10 for the DBC.
Into the last roller to the finish line I finally popped, and resigned myself to finishing at the back of the group. Good Finish? Hmmm maybe not! Good Racing? You bet! Being in the break would have been awesome! Deciding to try and do something about it... Priceless


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Making Excuses

So this weekend is Madera... Two days... Three Races... For me the Crit, then the TT (Time Trial)... Then the Road Race on Sunday. It is a well know fact that I can't TT to save my ass!
Have never been able to figure out why I can't seem to get my head into the right frame of mind to really be able to blow snot out both sides of my nose! TT'n requires you to take it to the next level of suffering. After all we are talking about seconds! Ya...Seconds. If a guys beats you by .5 seconds well he beat you! , Madera is a TT'rs race! For the guy that can get a minute or two on you in a TT, it gives them an advantage that is hard to make up with the remaining Races. Even if you win the Crit and the Road Race, you only get a 20 second bonus for each race. In my book that's only 40 seconds, and let say your down a minute twenty? That means you lose by 40 seconds! That sucks... Did I say I hate TT'rs. You'll balance it by saying well the guy that wins because of his TT score must suck at Crits or Road Races. Ya that's it! Always seeking balance. What's in my plans! Blow their friggin legs up during the Crit! You can always tell the TT'rs.Their the ones sitting at the back of the pack just trying to keep in contact with the main group.
All my bellyaching aside, Madera is a great Race! Not only is it the Racing... It's the after Racing stuff. The hang'n out with your friends... Dinner at the Vineyards... Talking about how good you did. Talking about how crappy you did. It's all good stuff... Hopefully I'll come back with some great stories. Ciao

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today was some what different... Not sure as to why, but I think a lot had to do with the daylight savings time thing. Is spring finally here? Tonight was the first night of the "Race Rides". Kinda like watching the birds slowly flying their way back north. Things that went away during the winter are slowly coming back.

Not sure though if I'm ready for the "Race Rides" yet! I had committed myself this winter to the Tuesday night Freund ride. 5:30 corner of Lake and Russell. From the house it is a 60+ mile ride, not bad for a Tuesday night. Besides I'll spend my summer doing the "Race Ride", yep they are fun, lotsa friends, good competition, and this year we have the addition of a couple of variables. One is Paul M. X-DBC'r now with Bissell, the newly reborn Rocknasium (Rock. I think they should sue Rock Racing for stealing their name), and Greg Anderson now with Morgan Stanley. They are going to add to the excitement of the Tuesday/Thursday race rides.

Anyway race rides are a great way to gauge your fitness. With the likes of Paul, finishing anywhere where he's in sight will say a lot about what type of shape your in. Especially if your there by the end of the third sprint. The thing you have to remember, is if you are a new rider to the group, or new to racing you can't judge your ability as a cyclist if you can't hang with the lead riders. Just remember a lot of the guys have been racing for along time.
Just keep coming out... You'll be surprised as the season moves on how much better your are going to get.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Smack Down... Davis Style

So out to the zamora road race course (bariani), sorry it' always been zamora in my book. kinda gives it a geographic location. where'd you race this weekend? why Bariani! ??????? anyway, good showing today. I think we had at least 100 show up! Ok, maybe 30/40. none the less a lot!
RULES... I hate rules! ride out as a team, do one lap of the course as a team, and after that second lap became an all out giddy up get'r done event. young guys smack talk'n watch the old guy's. lots of good attacks! one after another. as we rolled onto the crappy road, and the attacks kept coming we finally had some field separation. jason pounding the field, saw a small gap open, decided it was time to bridge! about 6 of us, darren to the front, fred to the front, up the KOM, pulling watts screaming at 400+, top out, keep it going! make the right hand'r jason and kieth and david attack! another split.... crap! darren comes around me! I can see he's dig'n hard... cool! he makes the bridge, and is on the trio's wheels! go old guy! trying and trying, can't close the gap... can't! left hand'r... tail wind... ya baby! I see david sit up. darren still with the youngsters! at the finish... darren holds on for third... how'd keith and jason finish? doesn't matter... their young guys. we are all hang'n round at he finish, waiting forthe women to come in. off the front! sprinting for the line carol h. nice finish for the lady's.
afterwards we all regroup, talk about how we raced, excuses flying all over the place! my favorite... just didn't have my legs today! that last climb killed me... all cool stuff... all in the name of racing as a team. up next 30+ miles back to DAVIS... riding as a group, but you can't keep the hardmen down. hard tempo riding... riders poping off the back... group o' guys...pace will be high! one last meeting at the corner of russell and stevenson bridge... robin telling everyone thank's for coming out. next team ride in april, this time out of sac. we all roll back into DAVIS. got home had a recovery drink or two... :) 76 miles for me today! old guy needed a nap! good stuff... ciao

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Testing Testing Testing!

Alright here we go! This thing has been bouncing around in the back of my mind for a while now! Wanted to create a site that would allow me to step away from the RULES of our Team Blog! You know just spew about the things that make us tick! There are a lot of cool blogs out there, and trying to keep things fresh is going to be a challenge. Rule number one try and keep it on a local level. You know talking about what's happening around the local cycling scene! Given the amount of cyclists that we have in this area, that should be kinda easy. Anyway you know what I say... Giddy up!