Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Today was some what different... Not sure as to why, but I think a lot had to do with the daylight savings time thing. Is spring finally here? Tonight was the first night of the "Race Rides". Kinda like watching the birds slowly flying their way back north. Things that went away during the winter are slowly coming back.

Not sure though if I'm ready for the "Race Rides" yet! I had committed myself this winter to the Tuesday night Freund ride. 5:30 corner of Lake and Russell. From the house it is a 60+ mile ride, not bad for a Tuesday night. Besides I'll spend my summer doing the "Race Ride", yep they are fun, lotsa friends, good competition, and this year we have the addition of a couple of variables. One is Paul M. X-DBC'r now with Bissell, the newly reborn Rocknasium (Rock. I think they should sue Rock Racing for stealing their name), and Greg Anderson now with Morgan Stanley. They are going to add to the excitement of the Tuesday/Thursday race rides.

Anyway race rides are a great way to gauge your fitness. With the likes of Paul, finishing anywhere where he's in sight will say a lot about what type of shape your in. Especially if your there by the end of the third sprint. The thing you have to remember, is if you are a new rider to the group, or new to racing you can't judge your ability as a cyclist if you can't hang with the lead riders. Just remember a lot of the guys have been racing for along time.
Just keep coming out... You'll be surprised as the season moves on how much better your are going to get.

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