Sunday, March 8, 2009

Smack Down... Davis Style

So out to the zamora road race course (bariani), sorry it' always been zamora in my book. kinda gives it a geographic location. where'd you race this weekend? why Bariani! ??????? anyway, good showing today. I think we had at least 100 show up! Ok, maybe 30/40. none the less a lot!
RULES... I hate rules! ride out as a team, do one lap of the course as a team, and after that second lap became an all out giddy up get'r done event. young guys smack talk'n watch the old guy's. lots of good attacks! one after another. as we rolled onto the crappy road, and the attacks kept coming we finally had some field separation. jason pounding the field, saw a small gap open, decided it was time to bridge! about 6 of us, darren to the front, fred to the front, up the KOM, pulling watts screaming at 400+, top out, keep it going! make the right hand'r jason and kieth and david attack! another split.... crap! darren comes around me! I can see he's dig'n hard... cool! he makes the bridge, and is on the trio's wheels! go old guy! trying and trying, can't close the gap... can't! left hand'r... tail wind... ya baby! I see david sit up. darren still with the youngsters! at the finish... darren holds on for third... how'd keith and jason finish? doesn't matter... their young guys. we are all hang'n round at he finish, waiting forthe women to come in. off the front! sprinting for the line carol h. nice finish for the lady's.
afterwards we all regroup, talk about how we raced, excuses flying all over the place! my favorite... just didn't have my legs today! that last climb killed me... all cool stuff... all in the name of racing as a team. up next 30+ miles back to DAVIS... riding as a group, but you can't keep the hardmen down. hard tempo riding... riders poping off the back... group o' guys...pace will be high! one last meeting at the corner of russell and stevenson bridge... robin telling everyone thank's for coming out. next team ride in april, this time out of sac. we all roll back into DAVIS. got home had a recovery drink or two... :) 76 miles for me today! old guy needed a nap! good stuff... ciao

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