Sunday, March 22, 2009

I thought I had it all figured out! Guess Not!

Lets keep it local! Land Park and Zamora! Another two day Race weekend! If I had to choose I like the Crit first, and the Road Race second... No maybe it's the other way around! No quite sure... Oh Well! Whatever... Saturday was the day that the weather was suppose to be in our favor... Rain but not really... We have lucked out this year with the weather holding off on the Days that we are suppose to Race! Given that there are still parts of the country that are covered with Snow... I ain't Bitch'n!... Land Park 45+ ... Kevin Metcalf, and Safeway (Greg B.) and VOS! DBC... Me... John... Nelson... and Kevin Mc (55+) on the line. After a Collar Bone and a Separated Shoulder I have to admit I still am playing the head game thing. I seem to be sitting at the back for most of the Race (I know bad), and in the closing laps pulling myself up to the front to see what happens. This crit had some predictability to it in that Safeway would be setting up Greg for the sprint, and Kevin M. would try to ride off the front of the group! Kevin does not like to mix it up in the sprints! So as predicted Kevin rolls off the front, and Safeway starts to set Greg up for the sprint! 3 laps to go and I pulled myself to the front to try and set John up for a top ten finish! John had been doing a good job of keeping himself up front for most of the Race. Things didn't quite go as planned, and John held on for 11th... Kevin off the front for the win... Greg winner of the Field sprint! I hate when you call it, and do nothing about it! Oh Well that Racing!... Up next Zamora.
The threat of rain had me nervous, in that no one likes Racing when it's pouring! Well to wake up to clear skies, and no rain. Sunday Morning was a real treat! I picked John up early AM who had not gotten any sleep the night before (Helping his son's broken car). None the less we were on our way to Zamora for an early AM start. Our Race was going off at 8:10... We did have winds, but thank goodness the rain held off. Now I have a general rule of thumb! Don't go with first break! Heard it from someone somewhere... Again none the less it was something I heard! Well first turn into the head wind, and riders attacked! Splits started to happen, and I guess thank goodness John read it right and went with a break... Well you know what happen next! Don't you? No one chased! The breakaway slowly started to ride away from us, which now creates another scenario... We (DBC) now have to just sit in, and not help to bring the break back! Makes for a boring race in that you fall victim to the actions of the others. Which decided that chasing was not in the play book. As the group on each lap came up to the base of the KOM, I would put myself up at the front....... Good/Bad?Hmmmmmm! Well I wasn't going to ramp it up so I just kept the pace at one that I thought was not gaining any ground on John. Everyone seemed happy just to sit in as we went up the climb, and as we turned into the headwind towards and pass the Start/Finish line. Once we turned back onto the Frontage Rd. Safeway ????????? Who had a guy off the front decided to give chase... Well after my time at he front it was enough that I finally had to scream uncle! Pop Pop Pop... We had seen it all day as we had passed riders that were in a similar boat. Once I somewhat recovered I gave chase, and by the time I hit the base of the KOM we almost had the group... Down side it was the last lap, and the attacks up the KOM were hot and heavy since there was still a chance to place in the top ten. So I was pretty much left to finish at the back of the group... Oh Well! John held on for 5th! Pretty Good you'd think... Kinda funny that he was beating himself up for letting his 2 breakaway partners beat him in the sprint! I guess that is a good thing in that it adds to your learning experience. Anyway all in all a good weekend. We had two good days of Racing with good finishes, and still lots of Racing to go!

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