Thursday, March 19, 2009

Never be Late for Dinner!

So we were told we would be fighting daylight on the Tues/Thurs race ride. Don't be late!... Word of advise... Don't show up at 5:32! Myself, Jane, and Nils roll up to an empty parking lot. We figured we had three of us, an they couldn't be that far ahead.
So we decide to chase... Now the bad thing about chasing is that your legs haven't really warmed up! So going to 300+ watts starts to hurt in like 30 seconds. HTFU! We can see them off in the distance, and we catch and pass recumbent Frank... He confirms their just ahead. Wouldn't you know it we would choose the night they decide to ramp it up right out of the gate. as we chase down 29 we are slowly rolling past people already being spit off the back! WOW What the frick! Let me tell you there's nothing like 25mph and not gaining any ground.
To make a long story of suffering short, we finally caught them at Winters. Once back in the group I think it's time to sit at the back and recover... Not the wife! She's rolls up the front of the group deciding to mix it up with the boys! Second sprint rolls as normal... Attacks, drop off... Attacks, drop off.... I give it one big pull to try and catch Switters and Phil. Can't quite do it... I drop off and fall to the back. Second sprint ends... Not sure who won... Off for leg 3 of the night. We normally roll easy down Stevenson Bridge but for some reason slow came at 25/27 mph... Zzzeeeee's this is getting a little out of control. We make the turn onto Old Davis, and everyone is trying to position themselves for the final sprint... Speed increases... Pack is getting tight... Attack... Counter... Attack... Counter... Speed increasing! Pack about to explode with sprints!
GO... Someone GO!... Now! Now! Now!... WHAT THE! Ding Ding Ding Ding! What a Train? Crap! Nothing like getting shut down in a heartbeat... We are all laughing... All claiming victory. Rail arms go up... Cody attacks... 300 meters out front! Just to keep the kid in line, and his head in check... Switters runs him down and takes the sprint! This was my first Race Ride of 2009... Just had to say it's good to be back... Just make sure your on TIME!


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