Thursday, March 12, 2009

Making Excuses

So this weekend is Madera... Two days... Three Races... For me the Crit, then the TT (Time Trial)... Then the Road Race on Sunday. It is a well know fact that I can't TT to save my ass!
Have never been able to figure out why I can't seem to get my head into the right frame of mind to really be able to blow snot out both sides of my nose! TT'n requires you to take it to the next level of suffering. After all we are talking about seconds! Ya...Seconds. If a guys beats you by .5 seconds well he beat you! , Madera is a TT'rs race! For the guy that can get a minute or two on you in a TT, it gives them an advantage that is hard to make up with the remaining Races. Even if you win the Crit and the Road Race, you only get a 20 second bonus for each race. In my book that's only 40 seconds, and let say your down a minute twenty? That means you lose by 40 seconds! That sucks... Did I say I hate TT'rs. You'll balance it by saying well the guy that wins because of his TT score must suck at Crits or Road Races. Ya that's it! Always seeking balance. What's in my plans! Blow their friggin legs up during the Crit! You can always tell the TT'rs.Their the ones sitting at the back of the pack just trying to keep in contact with the main group.
All my bellyaching aside, Madera is a great Race! Not only is it the Racing... It's the after Racing stuff. The hang'n out with your friends... Dinner at the Vineyards... Talking about how good you did. Talking about how crappy you did. It's all good stuff... Hopefully I'll come back with some great stories. Ciao

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