Wednesday, February 17, 2010


What happens in Davis stays in Davis... Sometimes when everything you've been taught goes out the window you sometimes have to ask yourself... WHY!

RULE # 1... Never run down a Teammate if you have a Teammate in a break.

RULE # 2... Never destroy your own Teammates when in a break.

and so on, and so on.

Well the other night we were out on our normal Tuesday/Thurs ride, and as normal 1st and 2nd sprints seemed to be status quo.
Now as most of you may know the third sprint can go several ways. You can sit in with the group, and try to hang till the end... Or you can go for the "Breakaway".
Now couple of things can happen when you decide to go for a breakaway. You can go it Solo, or try and get some guys to go with you. The latter always being the best choice.
We, this night, and the group making the breakaway move looked strong, and had the potential to stay away. We had Myself, Darin, Chris (Big), Rhys with Doug M. sitting in on the back.
I had on the onset had my doubts about making it stick, because the chasing group had Phil M., Adam S, and other strong guys. None the less that's what a breakaway is all about. The other good thing about this break was we had all DBC Masters in it (See Rules 1 and 2 above).
Sometimes the mix might have a Rock guy, a Junior or someone that's not a Masters. Makes the last couple of K's a challenge because now your trying to figure out how to beat them. Now... Note! Two of our DBC Masters were in other kits so it kinda makes them the enemy.
Well we were driving a good pace with a decent lead, and as we crossed the bridge Doug sat up and said he was going to wait for the rest of the group (I think we were just hurting him).
So as the four of use rode on, we continued working as a "Team". (See Rules 1 and 2). We would trade pulls in an effort to try and keep the pace high. So this is again kinda where things went wrong... Well at least from a "Teammate" stand point. Chris (Big) was at the front pulling doing as usual one of his monster pulls. I was in line behind him waiting for my turn. We were just about onto Old Davis when Chris signaled that he was done, and started to move off the front to take his break at the back.
WELLLLLL...I guess this when a "Teammate" is not suppose to drop the hammer, and attack! As we rolled onto Old Davis I had decided to give it one last big effort. Well all I heard was the other guys screaming "We dropped Chris" I being the loving caring guy that I am... Punched it!
Open another gap on the other two, and at that point for whatever reason (forgot about Rules 1 and 2) decided... Ok Boys, come and get me! I thought for sure they would run me down, and in their wake, spit on me or something. Well I was able to hold the gap to the line. So as the guys came up there was at least one of the three that was not very happy with me. "Hey what happen with (Rules 1 and 2)? That's when I mentioned to Darin about the color of Chris's kit. So be in Orange and Blue or you may be thru...
All the BS aside it was a great ride and a good workout with good friends. I do think though that I'm going to have to be looking over my shoulder the next couple of rides ?????????

Ciao and Out...