Monday, April 13, 2009

Fast Up-Date

Whew!.... What can I say... Seems to go that way. I need to post to the blog, but hey... Later.

The last time I smacked the keys was just after Land Park and Zamora. Since then I've added Warnerville (Call it Windyville!), and Copperopolis. Wanerville was an new to the calender this
year. I had decided to give it a shot. In print it sounded good... Relatively flat, and a one plus mile of gravel... Hmmm I said... That could be different! Well just to keep this story short, I think this is one that is going to get more popular as time goes on. Copper... What can you say about Copper! I've written a few RaceReports over the years about this one. Not much changes... I still suck! It is just a little too steep for me to hang with the climbers. This year the road seems to have gotten a little worse. Good things about this year... I finished again, my Teammate finished 2nd, and Levi was DQ'd... Can't get much better than that. Copper is just one of those Races that you have do do at least once. After your first you might say never again, but for some strange reason you seem to keep coming back!

Ciao and Out!...

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