Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Great way to spend a Weekend

Fast re-cap from this week... Wente Road Race 45+... 3 laps... 4 times up the "Climb" Kinda funny that everyone calls it the "CLIMB"... By most standards it's not really a big climb. There are certainly climbs that are way harder! I guess what makes it so brutal is simply the speed that you have to go up it to stay with the lead riders. As I attempted to stay in contact with the main group, the only thing I could hope is that the front guys were hurting as much as those of us that were at the back! First time up came at 16/17 mph... The next two times up the pace had slowed some, but not by much. Third time up I finally could not stay in touch with the lead group and slowly fell off the back. I have always said there has to be some benefits to being off the back in that you now go into chase mode. Some guys would sit up and call it quits! Not me... Chase to the very end... It's just the way I roll! 81 guys... Finished 39th... I'm kinda Ok with that... Better next year.
Sunday brought a recovery ride with Alan and Jan. We met in Winters for a slow easy spin around Cantelow. When we got back to Winters it was just too nice of a day to call it quits. So
I decided to do another lap. Top of Cantelow I ran into Dan P. and John. We rode back to Winters, and they to Davis. I stopped at Wheelworks on the way home, and as I came out of the store I saw Dan and John having a nice cold recovery drink at the 33rd St Bistro.
They had the Collegiate Races going on so we decided that sitting on the balcony with a couple of cold ones, and watching some great Bike Racing would be a great way to spend the afternoon. What we got was an awesome display of Aggie power. With wins coming both from the women's A's and the men's A's racing Teams.

Ciao and Out...

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